World Crime Index declares Lahore ‘safer’ than New York and London

The report at the beginning of 2019 ranked Lahore as the 174th most unsafe city among 328 ranked.

The latest report of the World Crime Index shows how Pakistan has significantly improved its security and safety situation, as Lahore has been declared ‘safer’ than London and New York. The report at the beginning of 2019 ranked Lahore as the 174th most unsafe city among 328 ranked on the index. However, the position has significantly improved in recent few months as the walled city now stands at the 201st position.

Speaking about Pakistan, ranking at 244, Federal Capital Islamabad was declared the country’s safest city. On the other hand, Karachi was ranked as Pakistan’s most crime-prone city, clinching 71st spot.

Caracas in Venezuela was ranked as the topmost unsafe city in the world. The United Arab Emirates’ Abu Dhabi was ranked as the safest city, with a score of 89.39 points on safety index.

Here are the world’s safest cities:

Here are the world’s most unsafe cities:

In optimistic progress, Lahore has been declared safer than  Las Vegas, San Fransisco, London, Washington DC, Istanbul, New York, and Melbourne. Due to significant security and safety measures taken in the past few years, Lahore’s ranking has seen constant improvement.

2014: Lahore was ranked at 74th position on the index. In mid-2014, it decreased four points to the 70th.
2015: Lahore improved its position and was ranked at 89th. In the middle of the year, the city further improved and was graded 96th on the index.
2016: At the beginning of the year, Lahore was ranked on the 86th spot on World Crime Index. By mid-2016, it declined five points and was positioned at 81.
2017: The walled city was ranked 119th on the index. Towards the middle of 2017, Lahore stood at 114th spot.
2018: Lahore stood at the 138th spot. In the mid of 2018, Lahore was ranked 173rd.
2019: Lahore’s ranking on the index significantly improved to 174th position. The recent ranking of mid-2019 shows further up-gradation as the provincial capital is ranked on the 201st position.


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