Punjab reported most rape cases in 2021, Sindh and KP rank highest for honor killing

Approximately 34,000 women registered complaints about different types of offenses

Crimes against women reach a record high in Pakistan, Data shows

In 2021, Pakistan witnessed a record increase in crimes against women, with Punjab receiving the highest number of complaints.

Approximately 34,000 women registered complaints about different types of offenses, apart from Balochistan. According to data, Punjab witnessed the most cases of rape, and Sindh and Khyber Pakthunkhwa had the highest cases of honor killing and ‘burning’ women.

Former IGP Sindh, Afzal Shigri, said the reason this number has reached this staggering high is that women are becoming aware of their rights. They are challenging male dominance and the established norms in Pakistan.

Shigri went on to say that crimes against women are increasing due to low literacy and feudal dominance in the rural areas of KP and Sindh.

Crimes against women

In 2021, Punjab received the highest number of complaints, making up 71% of the total number. In the province of Sindh, 6,842 offenses were reported to Women Protection Cell, and 2,766 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Around 540 complaints were made were of rape, murder, and kidnapping, 1,939 of inheritance of property, 3,571 of harassment, 3,481 of domestic violence and 1,790 complaints were over family issues. In Punjab, 12,975 complaints were over education and health.

According to the information, 142 women were raped in the year 2021 in the province of Sindh. Most of the complaints regarding crimes against women came from Hyderabad. 1,288 complaints from Karachi, 427 from Larkana, and more. Around 94 women were murdered in the name of honor and 523 were blackmailed.

In KP, 343 rape cases were reported and 1,522 were cases of abduction. 127 women complained about being physically harassed and 27 of being sexually harassed. In the province, 3 women were burnt with acid, 100 cases of beating women, and 299 were murdered.

All of these statistics raise a red flag, as offenses against women are still rising, continuously. It is worth mentioning here that these are reported cases, there are thousands of more cases that go unreported and are kept hidden.

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