[VIDEO] Did PM Khan actually praise India? Watch the COMPLETE video of what he said!

In the 14 second video, Khan said, " There has been no Indian government like this in the last 73 years of history."


A video of Prime Minister Imran Khan praising the current RSS-BJP government led by Narendra Modi has gone viral.

However, the footage has been misleadingly cropped; the full video of Khan’s remarks shows he was harshly criticizing the Indian government.

In the 14 second video, Khan said, “Pakistan needs a strong military today because of the neighbor it has. There has been no Indian government like this in the last 73 years of history.”

Modi’s image then appears on the screen, and a TV anchor voiceover says, “There has been no government like this in India in the last 73 years of history, PM Imran Khan’s criticism…” The video then ends abruptly.

The misleading video was then shared by pro-Modi social media activists, with one of them captioning the video as:

“You can’t have a better endorsement of the Modi government than this. Your sworn enemy is publicly admitting that in 73 years, India had never had a government as strong and iron-willed as this.”

The video was originally part of a private channel’s news bulletin, uploaded on YouTube on the 26th of December 2020.

A full version of his speech shows the PM blatantly criticizing Modi for his fascist approach and his policies in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

In the original clip, the news anchor quotes PM Khan’s remark and then explains that he refers to the EU DisinfoLab report in December 2020 that unearthed India’s major propaganda campaign against Pakistan and China.

If Pakistan needs a powerful army, it is today. We need it because of the neighbor we have. India has never seen a government like this before in the last 73 years of history. This is an extremist, autocratic, bigot, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, and anti-Pakistan government.

Watch the Full Interview here:

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