Cuba and Pakistan sign agreement for withdrawal of visa condition

The move is likely to strengthen bilateral ties between both countries.


Strengthening ties, Cuba and Pakistan sign an agreement for exemption of the visa requirement for both, the diplomatic and official passport holders. From Pakistan’s side, it has been signed by the Secretary, Ministry of Interior.

This agreement aims at providing ease in terms of traveling for the officials of both the countries. Not only this but the significance of the enhancement of ”economic cooperation” along with the people to people exchanges between both the countries, was also highlighted by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

He believed this was vital to strengthen the bilateral ties between Cuba and Pakistan, as he expressed this to the Vice President of Cuba and his delegation at the Ministry of Foreign affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a press in which they have said that the Cuban delegation is basically on a three-day visit to Islamabad, Pakistan. They have termed this visit as ”Bilateral”. Moreover, the foreign minister has also emphasized on the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Cuba.

The visit proves to improve ties between Cuba and Pakistan:

This visit has proved to deepen the ties between Cuba and Pakistan. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan has then emphasized on the ideal bilateral relationship between the two countries. He specifically mentioned how overwhelmed Pakistan is on unmatched and out of this worldly generous help that was offered by Cuba to Pakistan after the huge earthquake of October 2005.

Due to this, Pakistan had to face many economic issues and huge parts of the country had been severely impacted. The Foreign Minister put the focus on how this help at the time of need meant a lot to them and how they haven’t forgotten or overlooked the countries that had stood up with them in times very hard. The Foreign Minister also stressed economic cooperation especially in sectors like agriculture and health.

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  • My respect and admiration to Pakistan authorities for their benevolent act of solidarity with the Cuban people in much needed times. God bless both countries.

  • When ever the base of any political system is rotten, its political structure is too.

  • It does not matter what excuses we give.
    The only people responsable for liberty, economy, good policy and well being of and for the people is the goverment.

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