Culprits Responsible For Stripping Transgender Woman Naked Arrested After Video Went Viral

From being hailed as ‘putting America to shame’ when it comes to transgender rights, Pakistan has a habit of tripping between progressing in the sphere and stooping below every level of human decency. Unfortunately, in the recent event, we fell in the latter category.

Pakistan’s insensitivity with transgender rights, our denial of their social acceptability and opportunities at life as well as discrimination in all spheres has always pushed them to the wall – no matter how much they tried to adjust.

A similar incident took place in Nowshera yesterday and the video was posted by Trans Action Pakistan – an online space dedicated to voicing the plight of the Trans community in the country.

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A transgender girl in district Nowshera of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was sexually harassed and stripped by 3 medical staff in Nowshera hospital. She was beaten brutally by her friend and went to the police station for filing a complaint. She was referred to the hospital by police for medico-legal where she was harassed and stripped naked and ridiculed by medical staff.

With torn clothes and wounded body, she took to social media as her last refuge and narrated the unfortunate incident.

Here is what happened:


The video went viral and social media condemnation sprung KPK police into action. The culprits were arrested within a few hours and KPK police, along with posting the update, thanked the internet community for raising voice and bringing the matter to their notice.

However, KPK police did an amazing job by taking prompt action. But we need to take action and prevent where we see such situations rather than being silent spectators.

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