Custodial deaths: IG Police bans use of smartphones at police stations

In such a dismal state of police torture, the order necessitating the ban on the use of video-making mobile phones won’t possibly avoid the severity of the crime but likely to place a mere blanket to the crime scene.

Photo courtesy The Nation.

Following various reported clips that surfaced on social media outlets and bitterly exposed the worst incidents of police torture and subsequent custodial deaths, the Inspector General of Police Arif Nawaz disallowed the police personnel below the rank of Station House Officer(SHO) from using smartphones during the duty hours and has also warned of severe consequences if anyone found in violation of new order.

The only cellphones that would be permissible for low-rank police officials would be devoid of video recording facility. Not only the police personnel but the citizens are also required to comply with the SOP necessitating the submission of mobile phones prior to their entry into the police stations.

“The competent authority has observed that police officials are still using mobile phones while on duty. Clear directions in this regard have already been conveyed to all field formations, read the statement written in the letter issued by the Central Police Office of Punjab.

The letter further warned that passing down the instructions is not the only responsibility of the field formations. They have to get these standard operating procedures implemented as well in letter and spirit.

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The police chief warned the DPOs, SPs, SDPOs and supervisory officers would be held responsible if any such case emerged in the future. Earlier, IG Police expressed displeasure over the deaths in police custody and was also dismayed over the monitoring of police stations through CCTV cameras by district and police officials.

What are various forms of police torture?

The policeman can physically and mentally torture the accused and ways of physical torture vary from hanging a person upside down, tying the hands of accused to some elevated position and to keep him so overnight to repeatedly beating him with sticks or any other material suited to his(policeman’s) charm.

Human Rights Watch discovered that such practices include custodial beatings, by hand or with batons and littars (strips of leather), the stretching and crushing of detainees’ legs with roola (metal rods), sexual violence, prolonged sleep deprivation, and mental torture, including forcing detainees to witness the torture of others.

Custodial deaths resulting from torture are not uncommon. Former detainees often reported long-lasting effects including physical pain, disability, and mental stress.

Illegal detention cells, extrajudicial killings followed by associating the deceased with some proscribed organization and custodial deaths present a cumbersome picture of police system which supposedly seen as the point of the first contact by the people in distress.

In such a dismal state the order necessitating the ban on the use of video-making mobile phones won’t possibly avoid the severity of the crime but likely to place a mere blanket to the crime scene.

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  • On the one hand government is encouraging whistle blowers in tax fraud and corruption. On the other hand it’s not allowed in police brutality cases? CM Punjab – take notice now! This rule needs to be repealed. People should be free to record corruption and brutality wherever it happens. As an overseas PTI supporter I can’t accept this encroachment on our rights.

  • This IG, one of the stupid officer ever seen, rather to step up for reforms he is making everyone fool with illogic directions.  If this is the best selection then I think PCS/CSS exams should be banned forever.

    School’s Heads, should be replaced with them sick minded.

  • This IG is nothing but an oppressor who doesn’t want the misdeeds of his minions getting exposed. Sack the c*nt immediately!

  • Corrupt police officers is the root cause of this police insanity….this IG needs to be chilled in his  Bum…!!

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