Pakistani customer raises questions on safety features of Toyota Fortuner after a dangerous accident

She took to Facebook to share her experience.

Toyota Fortuner

A Toyota Fortuner 2020 customer named Fakhra Rizwan has raised questions over the safety features of the vehicle.

She took to Facebook to share her experience.

“I met an accident while driving my Toyota Fortuner 2020, on the 16th of January 2021, near Multan. We were all wearing seat belts.

After the collision with a tractor-trolley loaded with sugarcanes, my car toppled and rolled over multiple times. The incident caused several injuries to my parents and children.”

“To my shocking surprise, none of the airbags opened despite the most powerful impact on the car‘s front side, damaging the front roof and bonnet. The airbags could have saved my father and me from sustaining critical injuries.”

“Toyota Fortuner is a high priced SUV worth Rs 9 million and claimed by the Indus Motor Company as having the most dependable comfort and safety features.

The pool of companies like Toyota in Pakistan leaves people with no choice but to purchase their vehicles, which are not only high-priced, but there is appalling compliance in ensuring the company’s safety features. It seems no safety tests performed, risking valuable lives.”

“I wonder what would be the safety measures with lower category cars? Masses are at such high risk at all times.h

Are there any Automobile Regulators, Ministry of Industries, or the Hon’ble PM/Hon’ble Courts, who could ensure safety standards being imposed by these so-called top automakers? They are not only defrauding customers with money but also risking their lives.”

I met an accident while driving my *Toyota Fortuner 2020*, on January 16, 2021, near Multan, at around 1800 hrs -’we all…

Posted by Fakhara Rizwan on Sunday, January 17, 2021

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  • should try chinese cars now. China is suppliar of the world now. They mean serious business.

  • These automobile companies are the biggest mafias who are just looting our money, and playing with out lives, authorities should take action against them

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