Cute Ahmed Shah and how Pakistani media exploits his innocence

Cute child Ahmed Shah made an appearance in the show.


The ever so cute and innocent by heart Pathan child Ahmed Shah has been in the news since 2018 when his first video went viral in which he can be seen behaving in an absurd manner with his teacher. The teacher actually snatched his bag and recorded and uploaded the instant reactions of the Shah.

Now Ahmed Shah is the point of attention of social as well as mainstream media and made guest appearances in Ramadan shows on a daily basis. The super cute child has also been watched sleeping on the sets having his nap times. He is being filmed almost every day and nobody bothers about his sentiments whether he’s willing to do that or not?

To do things without consent is a habitual practice

To do things without consent is nothing new to this country. Even a girl’s consent while entering into the institution of marriage is not given importance. The girl who disregards the decisions taken by the other members of the family is considered as disobedient. In the first video of Ahmed Shah not only his willingness to appear on-air was deliberately ignored but the consent of his parents has also turned a blind eye.

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Intelligence never stops being beautiful

It has now become the custom of society that beautiful and good looking people are always given due consideration and deference. When a child of ordinary appearance commits a blunder he’s supposed to be pronounced as wrong. But if the same conduct is shown by a beautiful child then his behavior goes unchecked most of the time. Unfortunately, we are borne with this aspect of behavior. Even many politicians are there in this country who gets vote and reverence just because of their exceptional appearance.

Misconception about fame

If one wants to become famous one does not need talent in the modern age. One can get that fame overnight by doing nasty things. Recently a child has set the world record in Chemistry by arranging the elements of the periodic table in less than five seconds but he is not the moot point because he is not Ahmed Shah.


Media outlets must not undermine the child’s innocence and his own conduct for the sake of ratings and viral videos. What I mean is that Ahmed Shah must be provided with the freedom of mind to use up his time and energy. Intelligence is in the head, not in the beauty of the face.


Do you think that Ahmed Shah must be given time off from the social and mainstream media to go after his dream of becoming a doctor? 

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