Cynthia D Ritchie Slams PM Khan’s Close Aide For Showing Up Uninvited at Her New Year Eve Party

Islamabad-based American blogger and former goodwill ambassador to Pakistan, Cynthia D Ritchie, has lashed out at PM Imran Khan’s close aide, Anila Khwaja, for showing up uninvited at her new year eve party.

Anila Khwaja took to her twitter to share, without naming anyone, how a ‘foreigner’ behaved rudely with her while people just stood and watch.

Cynthia D Ritchie in response tweeted how she [Anila Khwaja] and two other persons showed up at her party without any invitations.

The tweet was followed by a series of tweets:

Anila Khwaja’s tweet had left everyone guessing as she didn’t disclose what exactly she was talking about. But the American blogger reply has made things quite clear and Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf’s former foreign media head is yet to respond to her.

About Anila Khwaja 

Anila Khwaja is one of the most close aides of Prime Minister Imran Khan. She is a British-Born Pakistani having worked extremely hard during the 2005 earthquake relief activities.

After winding up the relief activities in earthquake hit areas, Khwaja was approached by the British High Commission to help start a British school in the federal capital.

After joining PTI around 2008, she was appointed as the foreign media head of the now ruling federal government party. She was relieved of her responsibilities last year.

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  • It’s good to hear atleast there are someones who teach them a lesson. For them fellow Pakistanis are just BooAas and Gandabacha..
    Well if u r not invited, why turnup..Modgirl cream bleach wont work here

  • she gave her jawani to Khan….and khan married two different women after her…what a shame

  • It’s really waste of time to discuss on the issue no matter she was once upon a time media advisor foreign head of PTI and close aide of PRIME MINISTER IMRAN KHAN , but after head of all corruptions NAB 2nd amendment ordinance issued by PRIME MINISTER IMRAN KHAN which allows corruption of RS.500 millions and exempted CORRUPT BUSINESS TYCOONS AND INDUSTRIALIST exempted from NAB particularly MIAN MANSHA, JEHANGIR SIDDIQUE, PERVAIZ KHATTAK and other IK CRONIES

  • Each day, we learn the dirty lives of this honest Imran Khan.

    Reham Khan had mentioned Anila and she wasn’t wrong. I wish Anila writes a book too.

    Expose this dirty “honest” tabdeeli bringer

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