[IN PICTURES] Meet the ‘Pawry Horahi Hai’ Girl Dananeer Mobeen: Who is she?

Dananeer now has a cascade of memes and mashup videos to her name, all owing to one small video clip.

Dananeer Mobeen becomes a social media sensation overnight.

Recently, social media has been flooded with memes and recreations of a simple four-second video of a teenage influencer Dananeer Mobeen. In the seemingly ordinary video, Dananeer is chilling with friends, but the catchy phrase that she uses to describe the vibe made her video viral.

This incident alone describes the power of social media – one small clip can turn a person into an overnight sensation.  

Dananeer now has a cascade of memes and mashup videos to her name, all owing to one small video clip.

Who is Dananeer Mobeen?

Dananeer Mobeen is a 19-year-old social media influencer hailing from Peshawar. The young social media sensation is known for creating content and divulging on various topics, ranging from the latest make-up and fashion trends to many mental health issues plaguing Pakistan’s youth.

Dananeer’s social media profile indicates that she loves to spend time with family and is an avid dog lover. Her Instagram handle also implies that Dananeer likes to paint and sing too.

Why is Dananeer Mobeen famous?

Dananeer Mobeen became famous overnight after her four-second video went viral. In the video, the influencer is saying:

Yeh hamari car hai aur yeh hum hein, aur yeh hamari parrrty horahi hai! (English Translation: This is our car, this is us, and this is our party).

The video garnered a million views on her official Instagram handle alone. Numerous social media users recreated the videos and posted them on Instagram. Simultaneously, memes and recreations of the clip became the top trend on Twitter under the hashtag #pawrihoraihai.

Did Dananeer Mobeen expect this reaction?

Addressing her followers, Dananeer said:

Very overwhelmed right now .. it’s crazy … I am so happy that you are enjoying this video so so much.

Speaking about the viral video, Dananeer said:

I had no idea that the video would go viral. I was just out with my friends and took out my phone to capture the moment.

When asked whether her friends pronounce party as Pawry, she explained: 

I said it just to make my followers laugh. I am so grateful that I was able to bring a smile to the faces of my large family of followers.

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