[VIDEO] Meet the influencer who posted ‘pawri ho rai hai’ video BEFORE Dananeer’s version

Here are the details!

The Social media influencer and content creator, Dananeer Mobeen, has become a bonafide social media star after her pawri ho rai hai video went viral on the internet.

People all over South Asia have become obsessed with the pawri video, with celebrities in Pakistan and across the border who can’t get enough of their recreations.

However, some people have been pointing out how the Dananeer version of ‘pawri ho rai hai’ may not actually be the original.

Following this, the famous Pakistani TikToker, Jannat Mirza, revealed that Tasbeel Gillani, another Instagram influencer, was probably the one who inspired Dananeer to made her viral video.

pawri ho rai hai

In fact, Tasbeel, the real ‘real’ pawri girl, highlighted the original video on her Instagram stories.

pawri ho rai hai

After fact-checking, we came to know that Dananeer’s now-famous video was posted on the 6th of February, while Tasbeel’s video was posted on her page on the 30th of January.

We also find out that Dananeer commented on Tasbeel’s Instagram about posting a video of hers on her main, which she could be referring to as the pawri ho rai hai one.

Recently, Tasbeel responded to Dananeer’s comment, telling her it was the “BEST DECISION EVER.”

Tasbeel Gillani also addressed the issue of how people have been exaggerating things by creating drama out of nothing.

pawri ho rai hai

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