Are The Dance Performances In Morning Shows Equally Important As The News Of Terrorist Attacks? See This And Decide Yourself

Pakistan, unfortunately, has seen a series of horrific terrorist attacks in the past decade. The number of lives lost is staggering and so is the magnitude of the lives affected by it.

But have we accepted it as a ‘routine’ with time or have we normalized these events? Are we this insensitive that bloodshed of our own people and especially our respectable forces absolutely NOTHING for us?
Couple days back Pakistan saw another dark day as a police vehicle in Quetta was attacked resulting in the death of 3 police officials including AIG Hameed Shakeel Durrani.

Following is the picture (as shared by a Facebook user) of a leading Pakistani channel reporting the tragedy. Not to forget that along with entertainment, the channel also has a repute of being an influential news source as well.

On one side, we see people celebrating and dancing in a morning show enjoying their all year around celebrated weddings. For the sake of ratings, these morning shows have done many absurd things in past but reporting a tragedy without at least shutting down the crazy dances for a couple of minutes shows where our ethics and moral values stand. Nothing can replace the loss of a human life, that is true. Merely allotting a couple of the broadcasting space to talk about it may not retrieve it but at least shows the gratitude and regard we have for the heroes and their families, who have laid down their lives for our sake.

Our media has compromised on values and ethical reporting and things are only worsening with time. This absolutely disgusting format of news reporting only implies that for us, both the news are of similar importance and deserve the equal attention of the viewer.
Every now and then we do need an escape from everything happening around us but at the same time, we should not be deluded and turn our face away from the actual problems that concern us at the moment.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments box below.

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