Dania Shah draws flak on social media over her recent video [Video]

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Dania Shah

Aamir Liaquat and his third wife – Dania Shah – have been getting lots of criticism over their controversial videos. Ever since getting married, the self proclaimed religious scholar regularly uploads TikTok videos with his wife, often from their bedroom.

Amir Liaquat recently got married to an 18-year-old. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MNA shocked everyone when he announced his marriage out of nowhere.

Just a day earlier before he announced his third marriage, his second wife – Tuba Anwar – in a social media statement announced separation from him. Aamir Liaquat and Dania Shah have also made appearances on different TV channels together.

Dania Shah is a TikToker and was working at a local channel, where Aamir Liaquat met her. The TV host-cum-politician, unsurprisingly, proposed her which she accepted.

In the past, he had also proposed other TV celebrities. Actress Fiza Ali in an interview revealed that Aamir Liaquat proposed to her before he got married to Tuba. Then during Fiza’s talkshow, Aamir Liaquat in the presence of his second wife proposed to her again.

Dania Shah’s TikTok Video:

Recently, a TikTok video of Dania Shah was shared by an Instagram account, which got severe criticism. Watch the video:

Reacting to the video, a social media user wrote that she seems to be doing everything for publicity. “She is only meme material not wife material,” wrote another user.

Here’s what others have to say:

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