Dank Memes: Dark side of Pakistani web where rape victims are mocked and murdered are laughed on

In Pakistan, ‘Dank Meme’ groups have become a space where memes that are derogatory, explicit, sexual, and intimidating in nature especially against women and Trans community, are shared.


Recently, the word ‘dank’ is being used more frequently on the internet. It is termed as ‘dark humor’ or ‘sarcasm’ that followers engage in for cheap thrills.

In Pakistan, ‘Dank Meme’ groups have become a space where memes that are derogatory, explicit, sexual, and intimidating in nature especially against women and Transgender community are shared.

Dank Groups

Last year, a sexist closed Facebook group, “Dankpuna at LUMS”, was exposed by female students of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

About 600 men and women were part of the group, sharing bigot and gross memes that slut-shamed students.

The girls involved in exposing the group, mainly from LUMS, were targeted on social media with warnings. The accounts of the girls were hacked, and they were threatened by the followers of the group.

Sed Qureshi a.k.a Bilal Qureshi has numerous Facebook accounts and he is notorious for posting offensive videos on his profile. These videos range from verbal abuse including provocation of violence against women to frequent videos of animal cruelty.

Qureshi, whose Facebook profile has been taken down, is also a leader of a closed Facebook group, “Pak Meme Academy (Dank)” which has over 4500 group members.

The content of the group Pak Meme Academy, includes unethical rape jokes, character shaming of women, a political satire that targets women/children/ animals, and plan raids.

Pak Meme Academy is not the only group handled by Qureshi. He along with his friends were allegedly the founders of a former Facebook group that shared unwarranted memes on the Zainab murder case and were fined by the Karachi police.


Incels in Pakistan

A gender and sexuality expert, Dr. Muhammad Moiz, believes that ‘dank memes groups’ are ‘incel’ groups.

“‘Incel’ is a short term for “involuntarily celibate” and it refers to online groups of men who believe that they cannot enter into sexual relationships.

Dr. Moiz purposed, “The boys involved in such groups are getting rejected by girls and this is how they are responding.”

“I believe digital platforms allow people to express things they can’t or won’t say in actual social interaction. Therefore, we see a lot of toxicity, hatred, and threats being openly thrown around on such platforms,” he added.

Dank Memes



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  • جہالت ایک ایسا کنواں ہے جس میں اگر آپ ایک دفہ گر جاؤ اور اگر باہر نکلنے لگو تو دوسرے جاہل آپ کو واپس اندر کھینچ لیتے ہیں.

    • idk how things work over there, just jokes are free speech. get the stick out of ur ass and grow up. Its a joke. Laugh or dont.

      • Free speech ? Really ?
        Imagine one of the Student died in APS was your brother, Zainab was your sister and the Person died who they making fun of was “Aap Ke Walid” … would you still laugh at them and call it “Freedom of Speech” !!!

        Even free speech has some limitations, which morons like you do not acknowledge.

      • Okay. So if you get raped and someone makes memes on you, don’t complain. No hypocrisy allowedddd

  • What the hell is FIA doing? This is their job to catch those scumbags
    They need to answer this or all of us need to raise our voices against this

  • Is it for real? Seriously how this is even funny? These sadist criminal minds are showing no sign that Islam and our culture has anything to do with them.

  • Have you ever researched on twitter for IDs (both male and female) which are discussing and promoting consensual sex (Zina), Incest, Swapping, and all other forms of sexual frustration? In Pakistan, twitter is a less used social media platform and is used by only 1.2% of population with 13 years + age but it is mostly used by sufficiently literate population. So they know what they are doing.

  • These people should be arrested if you want to know more about them or maybe wanna know about the the people in that group like who are doing it you can contact me

  • There is id like this i want to report plzz help me to report where to??

  • Lol seriously?? Agar Mai Apki name say id Bana Kar apki Dp laga kar Dank Meme share Krdu Phr?? Fake ids bnana Mushkil Nhi Ye Fake id Hai qureshi ki

  • Jo ye banate hain esi memes Allah kere unke apne gharon mein ese ho ameen

  • Who the hell on earth are these sick minded people. Unbearable to see these posts shared in the article. May Allah guide and protect us all. Ameen

  • They deserve a painfull punishment from our Pakistani government. Then they understand that what is pain and how we need to treat this

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