Data shows more terrorist attacks in US are motivated by white supremacy, NOT Islam

After the suspicious devices were sent to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and CNN’s offices, the US started to recognize the new wave of terrorism and underlying causes behind it. As the 9/11 aftermath, the terrorism has been affiliated with Islam particularly. However, the reality tells a story otherwise, particularly in the context of the US.

The researches and findings suggest the rising in the US terrorism is particularly affiliated with white supremacy and right-wing terrorism, not motivated by Islam.

According to an analysis report published in 2017 by the Global Terrorism Database, the researchers at the University of Maryland noticed a “sharp increase” in the share of attacks by right-wing extremists. They had significantly increased from 6% in the 2000s to 35% in the 2010s. It is notice-worthy that the share of attacks by religious extremists also increased, from 9% to 53% between the two decades. On the other hand, the attacks by left-wing terrorists and environmentalist extremists has dropped from 64% in the 2000s to 12% in the 2010s.

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The researchers also revealed that majority of these attacks are carried out by ”lone wolves” – individuals without any strong links to a terrorist organization. The aforementioned study defines “right-wing extremism” as “violence in support of the belief that personal and/or national way of life is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent”. It also included anti-globalism, white supremacy, nationalism, suspicion of the government, and beliefs in conspiracies.

Another analysis by Quartz of  Global Terrorism Database confirmed that the same trend was witnessed in the year 2017 as well. Most terror attacks were carried out by white nationalist right-wing extremists, contrary to the popular image of Islamic terrorism. Out of 65 incidents reported during 2017, 37 were tied to racism and white-supremacist ideology, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiments, homophobic, anti-Semitic, fascist, anti-government, or xenophobic motivations.

In the same period, only 7 attacks found their link with Islamic extremism. The contract is obvious and exposes Western media’s propaganda in this regard.

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