Ex K-Pop artist Daud Kim shares what encouraged him to accept Islam in his YouTube video

‘’I finally knew that Allah is the purpose of my journey. Islam is the greatest blessing and the greatest gift of my life’’.

Daud Kim, a Korean YouTuber and ex K-Pop artist, announced his conversion to Islam by uploading a video on his channel. In the viral video, Kim shared his journey and told his audience about what encouraged him to accept Islam.

Previously known as Jay Kim, Daud grew up with a dream to be a musician one day. Leaving no stone unturned, he achieved his goal and traveled the world to perform in different countries.

He was once one of the most famous K-Pop artists in South Korea. What became a turning point in his life was his tour to Indonesia, where Kim was introduced to Muslim culture and beliefs for the first time.

Heard Islam’s name first time after 9/11

In his video, Kim said that he heard Islam’s name for the first time after the 9/11 attacks. He only believed what he saw on the news, so to him, Muslims were dangerous and rigid people.

However, his views on Islam as a religion changed once he started to learn more about it.

During his visit to Indonesia, there were two things that surprised Daud the most. First, the kindness people showed towards him and secondly, how the women covered themselves with veils.

A Muslim woman who changed his views

Initially, when he saw women fully covered in veils, he saw it as a reinforcement of the patriarchal mindset and oppression. But a conversation with one Muslim woman changed how he thought.

Kim approached a woman and asked if she was being forced to wear one, and her reply really inspired him. The woman told him that it was her own choice and she was doing it for the Almighty Allah. He added that she thought of herself as a ‘diamond’.

After going back to Korea, Daud had to put his music career on hold because his father lost his job and he had to step up to support his family. Quitting music, his passion, pushed him in a weird state of mind. He felt hopeless and lost motivation in life.

To distract himself, he then started his YouTube channel, which paved the way for him to meet Islam once again.

Daud’s early videos show him learning about Islam and exploring more about religion. Due to his changed perspective, he met a lot of Muslims across Korea, got along with them, and found out a lot more about the religion.

As Kim continued to study the religion, he started to embrace it and accept it slowly.

‘’I fasted a whole month of Ramadan. I learned about the life of Prophet (PBUH) and gathered everything little by little’’, he said in one of his videos.

After accepting Islam, Daud said that he was all alone in this world, and had nowhere to go. But Allah signaled him and showed him the path to recognize him.

‘’I finally knew that Allah is the purpose of my journey. Islam is the greatest blessing and the greatest gift of my life’’, he said.

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