Daughter awaits UK visa to see her dying father for the first and last time

Mehboob Alam, 65, has never met his 13-year-old daughter Safa Mehboob.

  • Terminally ill Mehboob Alam awaits UK visa for his only daughter.
  • He has never met or even seen her.
  • She was born after Alam came to the UK looking for a better life.
  • His immigration status could never be regularised and continued to live illegally after the expiry of his visit.
  • He has been stuck in the UK ever since, for 12 years now.

65 years old Mehboob Alam has never met his 13 years old daughter Safa Mehboob. She was born after Alam came to the UK looking for a better life. However, his immigration status was never regularised. He continued to live illegally after the expiry of his visit visa over 12 years ago.

Now he is terminally ill, fighting for his last breaths. Due to his medical condition, doctors have advised him against travelling and no airline will let him on board. He has only one wish – to see his only daughter for the first and last time.

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Last wish of Mehboob Alam might come true as Thomas Drew, British High Commissioner to Pakistan,  hinted positively, asking her to apply for UK visa. The British envoy offered his help after Tebraiz Aurah, a reporter for a Pakistani news channel from London, who initially highlighter Alam’s case.

While tagging British High Commissioner, Tebraiz Aurah tweeted: “Terminally ill cancer patient Mehboob Alam issues appeal from Newham hospital. I have a few weeks of life remaining I cannot travel to Pak because doctors not allowing me. Please help my daughter get a UK visa so I could meet her first & last time.”

The British High Commissioner responded to his tweet and asked her to provide an email address for her to apply and inform him:

“Has she applied? Could you please get in touch with the details?”

Speaking to a local news source, Mehboob thanked the British High Commissioner for taking notice of his situation. Speaking from his bed in Newham General Hospital in East London, Alam said:

“I am thankful to the High Commissioner for listening to my appeal. My daughter was born a few weeks after I left Lahore and I have not met her in 13 years. I have only a few days of life remaining and it’s my last wish to see my daughter before I die.”

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