Daughter’s Message For Her Shaheed Father Will Leave You In Tears

Our safety and their lives, without a complaint, trading their family’s future for our peace, without holding back. The sacrifices that our Army presents so people like you and me can have a peaceful sleep are eternal and something we can’t ever repay.
Among these brave unsung heroes is Major Akbar Awan Shaheed. He embraced shahadat on on 10th June, 2008. He hoisted Pakistan’s flag on Gora Pari post, Afghan border, three hours before his death.

While having dinner with other soldiers after Maghrib prayers, their post was attacked by a US missile (from Afghan area). Maj Akbar, injured himself, dragged body of another shaheed inside the post and ordered others to vacate it. In second and third attacks, Major Akbar received heavy injuries, which he couldn’t survive.
This brave soldier’s legacy outlasted by a young widow and two children. When Major Akbar embraced martyrdom, his older son was two years old and younger daughter was only two months old.

Ever since he left this world, his kids have kept him alive. His daughter, Fatima, made a sketch of her father and with the sketch she writes a message saying ‘come and see how is the sketch, I miss you’
It is not only heartwarming and immensely touching but also reflects what our brave soldiers are doing for us.

While talking to Siasat.pk’s team member, Major Akbar’s wife said ‘’My husband was the chosen one from Allah Almighty’’.
On highlighting the struggles of a young single mother, she said that it is a hard job, but whenever she feels like giving up, her husband’s bravery gives her strength.
‘’I feel like Akbar and Allah Almighty are watching over me, all the time’’, she said.
She vocalized her plans for her children and said she wants them to walk in the footprints of their brave father and she will never let her children forget the sacrifice he gave for this homeland.

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