How much will PM Khan’s Davos visit cost compared to previous Prime Ministers?

PM Khan's upcoming trip will be 'most economical' in last 10 years, claim the government officials.


Government officials are claiming  PM Imran Khan’s upcoming Davos visit to be the ‘most economical visit’ as compared to his predecessors. PM Khan will be going to Switzerland on a three-day visit along with his delegation to attend the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) summit. According to a press release by the PID (Press Information Department), the estimated spending on the visit will be around $68,000. 

The PID said the previous governments of Nawaz Sharif, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, and Yousaf Raza Gillani spent lavishly on their Swiss visits, while PM Khan’s visit will cost only a fraction of that amount.

What was the spending on the visit during the previous tenures?

According to the figures presented by the PID, the past government spent excessively on their Davos visits, costing the national exchequer heavily. These are the figures presented:

  • Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif spent the most. The figures amount to almost $762,199 million.
  • Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, the second prime minister during PMLN’s tenure, spent $561,381 million.
  • PPP’s Yousaf Raza Gillani spent $459,451 million.

These statistics were also shared by Minister of State for Safron and Narcotics Control Shehryar Afridi on his Twitter account.

”A stark difference between the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan and previous rulers. PM Khan is saving precious National resources while previous rulers abused them. This is Naya Pakistan”, Afridi wrote.

The statement from the PID added that PM Khan has further advised to cut down expenses on his foreign trips. Earlier this year, he set an example by restricting the expenses of his visits to the United States. The cost of his Washington Trip was only $68,000.

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