Dawn tries to link British terrorists to Pakistan, gets thrashed by Fawad Ch

However, the truth is that Usman Khan had nothing to do with Pakistan as far as his extremist radicalization, terror conviction, and repugnant acts are concerned.



Drawing a relationship between the London Bridge attacker Usman Khan and Pakistan, Indian media pushed their agenda effectively. Ironically, the Pakistani media giant, Dawn News, also covered the news without any background check, adding to the propaganda. However, the truth is that Usman Khan had nothing to do with Pakistan as far as his extremist radicalization, terror conviction, and repugnant acts are concerned.

According to Dawn, Usman Khan, the suspect who was shot dead during the terror attack near London Bridge that took place on 30th November, was born in Pakistan. But, this is a complete lie and is an attempt to damage Pakistan’s image. Fawad Ch thrashed the fake media report, saying Dawn is on an ‘agenda’.

”Dawn walas please have some mercy on this Nation, shocked on your cheap attempt to link a British terrorist to Pakistan, Anwar Al Awlaki and Anjem ch both are brit origin nothing to do with Kashmir or Pak, Britain should handle its problem within—irresponsible n cheap attitude”, he wrote. 

As per media sources, Usman Khan was also held accountable at the Woolwich Crown Court in 2012, when he was convicted of terror charges with eight others for attempting to bomb the London Stock Exchange.

Opposite to what Dawn portrayed, it became clear during the trial at Woolwich Crown Court that Usman Khan had no relation whatsoever with Pakistan or Azad Kashmir, which is, in fact, the birthplace of his parents.

The trial had heard from the counter-terrorism police experts that Usman’s plan of setting up a training camp in Azad Kashmir never materialized. The submitted evidence proved that there was no involvement of anyone from Pakistan in the plans that Usman Khan and his partners were making.

During the trial, it was made clear that Usman Khan’s motivation was the ideology of the terror group Al Qaeda, but his source of inspiration was online grooming, local radical groups and the spread of extremist literature online and in social circles. The trial hinted at Usman Khan being mentally unstable.

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    (80 posts)

    Thanks Dawn Group, Pakistan dont need enemies you, Geo and other channels are enough to destroy Pakistan. Thanks Pakistanio that you still watch and support such Media Groups.

    Minister (4k + posts)

    Pak media has literally black sheeps in it..
    Who will eliminate when owners of nedia house just need money by anyyyy means..
    Zero concern about the country.

    Chief Minister (11k + posts)

    Although at times I do not go along with Fawad Ch on many issues facing Pakistan’s local political arena. However, I have no hesitation in admitting that Fawad is the ONLY minister in PTI who has a spine to call a spade a spade and he always remains on top to counter any propaganda against Pakistan and its institutions. Rest of the PTI cabinet members are nothing but a heap of TRASH. Sorry to be harsh, but that is the truth….. nothing else but truth.

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