Day 5: As Karachi swelters, families of Shia missing persons protest outside President Alvi’s house

Complete media blackout: Families of Shia missing persons are staging a protest in front of President's house since 5 days.

Day 5: Members of the Shia community are protesting outside house of President Arif Alvi since five days amidst scorching heat, media blackout and our deaf ears. Hundreds have gathered outside the president’s residence to raise a collective voice against forceful abductions and compromise on their constitutional rights, vowing not to leave the place unless their demands are addressed.

The protestors are demanding immediate safe recovery of Shia missing persons – 40 from Sindh, 38 from Karachi alone and 2 from other parts of the province. More and more people are joining the protest with every passing day – from human rights activists to notable representatives of the Shia community while we maintain our collective insensitivity.

The protestors insist on securing their constitutional rights, especially the right to free and fair trial. They demand the president of Pakistan to listen to their grievances and address them urgently, or else the protests will continue. As Karachi continues to swelter at over 40 °C, the women and children refuse to leave unless they are informed about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

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”You can feed an Indian pilot, treat him with respect, but what about our women who are on roads? Who will listen to us?” – said an elderly woman whose son was forcefully abducted 3 years back while questioning PTI MPA Firdous Naqvi.

”Prove the allegations you have on his name in court. If he is found guilty, I myself will support even if he is hanged. But who gives them the authority to abduct him from his home and disappear him? Is no one going to question them?” – she said, in a painfully loud voice. 


Pakistan nearly has 4000 unresolved cases of enforced disappearances (Also See: Commission Of Inquiry On Enforced Disappearances Received 318 Cases In Last Four Months). As BBC reports in their article ”The story of Pakistan’s ‘disappeared’ Shias”, Pakistan nearly has 1500 disappeared Shias. With being the gravest human rights concerns in the past decade, the voices against the clear violation of people’s constitutional rights are now emerging from every corner of the country.

CCTV images from a local mosque show 30-year-old Naeem Haider being led away in handcuffs by more than a dozen armed men. Some have their faces covered with masks, others are in police uniform. He has been missing since 16 November 2016.
Source: BBC

President Arif Alvi, however, has remained silent on the situation. Until recently, when he was questioned in a program on the channel Abb Tak. He said he is aware of the protest happening outside his residence and agrees with the demands.

Social media community, however, continues to raise the voice and vocally support the victims. 

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