Days After Zainab’s Murderer Is Hanged, Another Minor Girl Raped In Sindh

Zainab’s and murder case erupted nation-wide protests and condemnation. Though it was among the first cases of such nature where justice was served to the victim, it certainly and unfortunately won’t be the last unless effective measures are taken on the grass root level to curb the evil of child sexual abuse – that has strengthened its footing in Pakistani society.

Days after Zainab’s rapist and murderer was hanged, another horrifying incident has moved the social media community. Though the news wasn’t reported by any mainstream channel or news source, it made to Twitter through a local Sindhi source. As per a Sindhi news channel, a girl named Zunera Hingoro, aged only six, from Jamshoro has been raped and abused by a son of a local police officer.

There has been absolutely no news or reports of the incident has been seen on TV channel or social media sources, except this abstract from a newspaper and headlines on one local news channel.

In Zainab’s case as well, social media played a critical role in building pressure and pushing for justice. The Twitter community is also trying to make an impact by asking for justice for Zunera and are demanding immediate action and investigation in the case.

Here is what the Twitterati has to say:

In the year 2017 alone, 3445 cases of child abuse were reported in Pakistan. This must be kept in consideration that these stats are only for the cases reported, while many of them also go unreported due to social dynamics and stigmatization. Among them, 109 cases were of murder after rape, showing a 9% increase as compared to the year 2016. For the provincial divide of reported cases, maximum cases were recorded in Sindh (63%), while Punjab stood second with 32%. Among victims, 89% were girls while 11% were boys.

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