DC Islamabad responds to Mosharraf Zaidi on his tweet regarding Ramazan price list

As Ramazan is ongoing and the price hike has been a concern, DC Islamabad shared rate list to aware people about approved rates. The rate list was aimed to aware the people about today’s list.

Responding to his tweet, Mosharraf Zaidi said that the posted rate list is in sharp contrast with the prevalent market rates. He added that it shows how disconnected state is and how unaware it is of its own competence.

”If there is one indicator that settles the question of the state’s writ in Pakistan, it is these rate lists. These rates are figments of the state’s imagination—a state that is increasingly disconnected and increasingly incapable of even being aware of its own impotence.” – he wrote.

Responding to him, DC Islamabad highlighted the steps they are taking to assure the rates are being followed. He said they have imposed fines and arrested people involved in manipulating with the determined prices.

”Sir Rs 2 million fine imposed. 22 persons arrested. 13 shops sealed. 885 shops inspected. 100% rates observed in Ramzan Bazaars, around 80% in retail shops. It’s not the state, it’s the people sitting on TV who are disconnected Sir!” – he wrote.

However, Mosharraf maintained his stance and invited DC Islamabad to accompany him to market, promising to apologise if the discrepancies don’t exist.

No need to take it so personally DC Sb. Let’s go to the market in F-7 together. If any store has a rate that matches your rate list, I will happily apologise.”

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