VIDEO: Indians outraged as DC depicts Superman destroying ‘Indian military’ equipment in ‘disputed’ Kashmir

Soon after the video went viral, the hashtag #AntiIndiaSuperman started trending on Twitter.

DC KashmirIndian Twitter users are slamming DC after it depicted Kashmir as disputed territory in its new animated film Injustice. A video circulating on social media shows Superman destroying military equipments with Wonder Woman in the ‘disputed Kashmir.’

Although, the video doesn’t mention either Pakistan or India but it has rightfully depicted Kashmir as a disputed territory. Soon after the video went viral, the hashtag #AntiIndiaSuperman started trending on Twitter.

“Superman stopped a genocidal war the government of m’gota has been waging against its own people. In disputed Kashmir, Superman and Wonder Woman destroyed every piece of military equipment, declaring it an arms-free zone,” narrators can be heard saying.

Furthermore, in the video, the Man of Steel is also seen in front of flags of Israel and Palestine trying to strike a deal between two representatives.

watch the video:

The portrayal of Kashmir as a disputed territory is getting severely criticised for being ‘anti-Indian’. A Twitter user alleged DC and Marvel of being pro-Pakistan. “Wait until Superman becomes Jihadi and destroys new WTC,” he wrote.

A Twitter user, Rahul Lathi wrote, “Only if Superman had intervened in Afghanistan, USA would not have suffered such a humiliating defeat.”

Another one wrote,” Superman has no right to interfere in India’s private affairs.”

In a Tweet, Indian journalist Sudhir Chaudhry questioned, “Who’s funding such propaganda films? Is it a CIA+ISI JV post Taliban?” Not just that, he also did a whole show on it.

A large number of Indian Twitter users are calling for the scene to be deleted from Injustice. So far, DC hasn’t responded to the backlash.

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