Dear Sahir Lodhi – Kids Dancing On Item Songs Is NOT Entertaining, It’s Shameful!

Pakistani media industry has come a long way to reach where it is today – no disregard for the effort artists have put in to pave the way and giving it all the glory. Looking up to big established industries in the world and taking inspiration from them is good as long as things don’t cross that red borderline.
Unfortunetly, we have done that. We are standing at the point from where we can clearly see the fading media ethics and quality content for the sake of ratings.

If you had any doubts about it, this won’t leave them. Back in May, a morning show named ‘Aap Ka Sahir’ was issued a penalty of 10 lac for showing the host dancing inappropriately with young girls on the live TV show.

Well, now the dance competition is back – with its season 2. And the most disappointing part is that nothing has changed. This particular segment is designed on the theme of the popular Indian dance competitions featuring young girls.

Not only do these kids dancing on item songs can make a sane viewer uncomfortable, but the way the ‘judges’ comment on them and appreciate them is questionable as well.
Here are a few clips:

Just see how this is captioned. Isn’t it quite inappropriate?

Calling it a fun competition and an effort to support ‘talent’ still doesn’t cover up the fact that these shows are objectifying kids for the sake of money.
Along with criticizing, lets not also forget that these types of shows keep making their way back to our TV screens because we give them what they want i.e the viewership. Until and unless we completely condemn them for our actions along with verbal criticism, they will keep surprising us with something even more absurd every time.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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