Dear Women! Do Not Demean Yourself, You Are Admitting Inferiority

So yesterday all that lame wit in placards at the Aurat March on International Women’s Day actually damaged the whole essence, nobility and sacredness of the beautiful cause of Women Empowerment and much-needed awareness regarding this issue in Pakistan. All one could see in ones Social Media Newsfeed was mockery and disgust for those silly, vulgar, taglines. It is very well said that while preaching something the importance of proper communication design and choice of medium is something you can not overstate. The whole positive exercise had really sad results. The whole debate and uproar regarding those placards did more damage to the cause than good and instead rendered it counterproductive.

In all this social media feud and Us vs Them environment, some very beautiful messages at the Aurat March took a back seat. For example some more important topics like The Basic Birth Right of a Girl Child, Right To Inheritance, Dowry, Right To Choice and Gender Wage Gap Etc. Such Important messages due to the more noisy and controversial ones were ignored and couldn’t reach the right target audience which they need to listen so bad. So these controversial one are damaging the original cause. and diverted attention. A huge interference in effective communication.

In a society like Pakistan the need of a discourse on Women Empowerment and their Rights is now of immense importance more than ever before since Pakistan is posing to become a more progressive, tolerant and inclusive nation. But sadly it was not the right way of achieving this goal, it actually made men jumping for their guards. It is very basic that you can not convince someone by ridiculing, demeaning or attacking them. This is the first and foremost rule of ‘Tableegh’ and preaching anything.

I, as a man, whose ego is not fragile enough to be hurt by merely such witty placards is saying all this as someone who wants this message of women empowerment to be sent across effectively and efficiently.  All that is an overdose for a society which is not at all ready for it, so it needs to move ahead slowly and steadily. For that, a deep understanding of what Pakistani society will readily be receptive to, is very important. Understanding Pakistani social fabric is the key here.

Remember this nation is just tying to recover from a religious extremist environment and such bombardment of hardcore Fourth Wave Feminism is going to create a confronting environment thus it will not serve the purpose and instead create a divide. This society with religious extremism and baggage of shared ancient Hindu/Indian culture is not ready for it. So a very localized narrative and communication design needs to be devised. Copy pasting Western Feminism would backfire. This nation, came into being in the name of Islam, claims to consider religion to be the ultimate authority, first make sure they are ready to give away the rights of women that are at least insure by Islam. Truth is our society is not ready to even do that, this should be the first step, then one can move so on and so forth.

In my personal understanding of the whole idea of the status of men and women in Islam is not about equality at all but it is about equity. Which means none is superior to the other nor they are equal. Both have been assigned different roles in the society which are their domains, and yes both can sometimes perform each other’s roles when required and it will not violate the whole things.

It is not a US Vs THEM thing. The differences are not bad but beautiful and these differences should be respected or I may say celebrated. Its diversity and diversity is power. Something that men aren’t capable of, women are great at. And something that women may not be capable of men can do for them. It’s all about complimenting each other. Why hardcore feminist and chauvinist on both sides cannot understand this?

Einstein once said, “You can not judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree or fly like a bird.” And vice versa.

Imagine men start complaining Allah that why HE didn’t make them capable of a sacred experience of becoming a mother or why Allah priorities mother thrice on father, or why The Jannah lies under the Mother’s feet and not father’s. This is basic which is being ignored here that it is not about equality at all. Women are privileged in some ways.

It is like someone starts complaining mother nature that why gravity pulls us down, it is evil and it is holding us back from flying and because pulling someone down is wrong and allowing them to fly is right. While we all know the gravity is very important to keep the whole balance of this universe intact. Pulling things down is the function Allah chose for it. So you are basically arguing with mother nature which you have no idea of.

It is simple and we are making it complex due to our lack of understanding of the idea of equity. In some areas, women are blessed more and in some areas, men are given the charge. Do not make an issue out of it. Cherish what Allah has made you. Complaining about it is actually falling for the narrative that tells you that women are inferior and they should claim the rule of the world. It will only be an admission that men have been ruling you during all the human history, and women have been living a life of humiliation throughout the ages. And what I’m afraid of is the disappointment such people are going to meet when they’ll never be able to establish an “AuratRaaj”. Because by your basic assumption, men are too cruel to let that ever happen.

So embrace yourself! Do not strive for something you are not designed for. Do not strive for void. Cherish yourself. You are made beautiful, You are lovable. Men bow their head in front of you when they tell you that they love you. They tell you that you are special. Do not try to be ugly, practical, emotionless like them. You are precious the way Allah made you. Do not demean or disrespect yourself. You are in a way Superior, So Be A Women! 

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