An official death sentence for Hong Kong? | China set to introduce the most controversial security law in the history

The Chinese move has received strong condemnation from the international community.

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China has decided to introduce a controversial national security law for Hong Kong, a move perceived as a significant blow to the city’s freedoms.

According to critics, China is breaking its promise to allow liberties for Hong Kong. It is likely to fuel public outrage and may even trigger protests and demands for democratic reform.

Hong Kong is expected to be governed according to the “one country, two systems” law.

The “one country” section means it is officially part of China, while the “two systems” part gives Hong Kong a degree of independence, including rights like liberty of the press that are absent in mainland China.

China is supposed to continue with the arrangement until 2047, but it has been disintegrating those rights. The country has been consistently attempting to bring Hong Kong more tightly under its control for years.

Now, China has proposed a national security law, which is a much more direct step towards what Beijing has been trying to achieve for years: one country, one system.

An affiliated scholar at NYU’s Law Institute, Alvin Y. H. Cheung told a source, “It is an official death sentence for Hong Kong; it’s nothing less than that.”

Response from the International Community

The Chinese move has received criticism from the international community, including the European Union and the United Kingdom.

In a swift criticism, the US President Donald Trump said, Washington would react “very strongly” against Beijing’s effort to tighten its control over Hong Kong.

The US State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said, “Any attempt to force national security law that does not reflect the preference of the people of Hong Kong would be extremely destabilizing.”

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