Death sentence prisoner becomes successful lawyer: The story of Rai Muhammad Ayaz [VIDEO]

The man didn't let the prison walls bound his dreams, or the death sentence contains his spirits.

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According to media reports, a Gujranwala prisoner has now become a lawyer. The man didn’t let the prison walls bound his dreams, or the death sentence contains his spirits. In the darkest period of his life, he taught himself to become a lawyer and, incidentally, walked out of jail as a free man after eight years.

Who is this man?

Rai Muhammad Ayaz was sentenced to death in a murder case and sent to jail. While most people confine themselves inside four walls and lose all hope at this stage of life, he decided to bury himself in books to avoid the wrong company in prison. As he awaited a decision on his appeal, Ayaz read all that he could find.

How did Rai Muhammad Ayaz become a lawyer?

Narrating his story, Ayaz said:

I was 18 when an FIR was registered against me in a ‘fake murder case’. I was jailed after being awarded the capital sentence. During the jail time, I taught myself to pass examinations. First, I obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) degree and then a Master’s of Arts (MA) degree in journalism.

Ayaz also read the Holy Quran with translation. After getting an MA, he started to read law books and stayed updated on current affairs. The man further shared:

I spent a total of eight years behind bars. Out of these eight years, I spent four years in the death cell. During this time, other prisoners encouraged me to pursue law. It seemed as if I was a lawyer from the very beginning. I just needed to find my way to that identity.

Eventually, Ayaz’s efforts bore fruit, and he passed the law exam.

How did Rai Muhammad Ayaz get out of jail?

While Ayaz was busy studying, the Lahore High Court (LHC) was moving towards a decision on his appeal. Eight years into his sentence, LHC ordered his release, given that his innocence was proven beyond doubt in the murder case.

The court concluded the verdict based on concrete evidence that proved Ayaz was not present when the crime occurred. Therefore, Ayaz walked out of prison as a free man six months ago.

Ever since his release, Rai Muhammad Ayaz has been practicing law in Pakistan. Concluding his life story, he said:

I would like to convey the message that the government should think about and introduce reforms in the prison department and take steps to put prisoners on the right track.

Inside view of a jail cell

How are inmates treated in Pakistani jails?

It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan has the 23rd largest prison population in the world. However, jail reforms are non-existent as poor conditions are rife inside the four walls. The situation is not the same for all. Still, in most prison cells, inmates are dealt with harsh and brutal treatment that includes the imposition of handcuffs, hard labor, cellular and separate confinement, whipping, dietary restriction, inadequate medical care, and the loss of privileges. However, on the brighter side, some jails in Pakistan have better reform conditions. Their inmates are also allowed to appear for school and university examinations as private candidates.

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