Deceptive Marketing, Fake Claims and Cancer Causing Ingredients – See How Big Brands Are Lying To Us

A brand and a consumer share a relationship based on foundations of trust and honesty. A customer hands over his trust in monetary form to the brand and in return brand is liable to provide exactly what they are claiming.
But unfortunately, it is being constantly violated on the provider’s end. Every now and then we see high-end and well-reputed brands exposed for lying to their consumer base. Not just lying, but even risking the lives of the customers to gain a quick buck. This particular case is an example of this.

Johnson & Johnson is a brand having a worldwide influence and is deemed trustworthy by 99% of us. But under their big brand name, they are deceiving all of us. Their range of products that is specified for babies is a mandatory part of mother’s shopping cart, however, their baby talcum powder is having cancer-causing agents.

The brand was previously fined $72 million for lying about their talcum powder’s connection to ovarian cancer. They had been constantly turning the allegations down and have found themselves in hot waters multiple times.
This not only is completely unethical for a brand but trading off someone’s life for gaining money is shameful for humanity as well.

Eva Echeverria also filed a lawsuit against Johnson as their talc-based products were responsible for her terminal ovarian cancer. She won the case with $417 million compensation for punitive damages.  The brand has still stood firm saying that the decision has been made without any ‘staunch evidence’. Not to forget that Eva’s case is one of the thousand cases of similar nature.

Johnson & Johnson is one of the several brands who are lying behind the mask of reputation. Many people have boycotted the brand but many still are unaware of it.

Save your own self and your loved ones by watching what you are consuming and using.

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