Declare your assets till June 30; Prime Minister Imran Khan

Imran Khan says to declare the benami assets before the deadline of June 30.
  • “We’re stuck in a debt trap,” says Prime Minister Imran Khan.
  • Prime Minister also said that the problem that is to confront now is tax theft.
  • The government needs to collect 5.5 trillion in revenue; PM Imran Khan.

The government of PTI ever since coming to power is faced with multiple issues including crises of energy and debt crisis. Of course, the challenges of security are also one of the major problems confronting the ruling party and security front can’t be secured without a strong economy.

If Pakistan will be able to get out of the economic crisis, which surely it will, then it will be able to focus on the new dimensions the world is undertaking from the industrial revolution to artificial intelligence.

We’re stuck in a debt trap

“I have repeated it several times that Pakistan’s debt has risen from 6000 billion to 30,000 billion over the past ten years. The damage due to that much high debt payment was that half of the revenue collected last year was paid in interests on debt payments. It employs that we’re stuck in a debt trap,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan in his latest address to the people of Pakistan.

Interests payment on already borrowed money

“Nowadays we are taking loans just to pay the interests on loans on already borrowed money. We reached such a state due to corruption and tax theft. You don’t need to worry about corruption anymore because we won’t let it go unchecked,” he said.

Tax theft

Prime Minister also said that the problem that is to confront now is tax theft. I need your cooperation to eliminate tax theft. If people and the government will not work in cooperation, we can’t come out of this debt trap.

Declare assets until June 30

He asserted the citizens to declare their assets before June 30. This scheme is a golden opportunity for you to declare the money you have kept at home, dollars, jewelry, undeclared accounts and foreign assets that belong to you.

The government needs 5.5 trillion in revenue

He informed the people that the government needs to collect 5.5 trillion in revenue and if people’s support is there we can collect more than 8.5 trillion in revenue. FBR has all the data. If you visit the FBR website, you will find out the information related to you. I want you to take advantage of the scheme and don’t want difficulties for you.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan had already appealed the nation in his last address to declare their undeclared properties till the 30th of June under the Tax Amnesty Scheme. PTI government is striving to get away with the financial crisis. The main reason for the existing fiscal fiasco, according to the government, was the mishandling of public money by the past governments of the country.

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