Decomposed body of a woman who refused to entertain her husband’s friends found in a garbage dump

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Karachi: Police have claimed to solve the mystery behind the murder of a young woman who’s decomposed body was found two weeks ago and arrested her husband and his two friends.

As per details, the corpse of the 25-year-old woman, identified as Maryam, was found on the 26th of June. The victim’s body was taken to ta hospital for an autopsy.

The ongoing investigation revealed that Maryam’s husband, Qalbe Abbas, had murdered her with the help of his two friends, Abdul Samad and Bakhti.

Police said the initial investigation revealed that a taxi driver had kidnapped Maryam and later sold her to a woman, Fatima. The buyer later married her with her son, Qalbe Abbas, who used to torture his wife.

The Investigation officer informed that on the 23rd of June, Abbas came home along with his two friends. They were drunk. Abbas forced his wife to entertain his friends, but she refused, on which they tortured her and stabbed her.

The suspects then tied her hands and feet, threw acid on her face, and dumped her body at a deserted place.

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