Deepika Padukone Opens Up On Her Battle With Depression, Leads Debate On Mental Health

For years the curse that has taken more lives than any deadly diseases has been ignored due to social stigma and lack of consideration. Mental health is a matter that goes neglected, however, it is engulfing peoples’ personalities and wellbeing than any medical condition.

After years of pushing it down on the list of our priorities list, the world is finally opening up about the issue. The unfortunate part is that we are still not on the first step of the solution, that is acceptance of the issue.

Most of us are still in denial that something like mental health actually exists. We are only convinced by something we see, but there is far more than visual symptoms and deteriorating physical wellbeing to depression, it is the way you feel about yourself.

Not wanting to leave the house for days, paying least attention to personal hygiene and either complete loss of appetite or binge eating are early symptoms of depression. But we don’t pay attention to what is happening to the people around us. We overlook it thinking that is insignificant but we can actually play a part in improving someone’s state before it’s too late. Little attention and a helping hand or just listening through someone’s situation can pull someone out of despair and be thinking that they don’t matter.

Realising that more people need to be made aware of their role in improving someone’s life and to give the people who are dwelling with their wild thoughts every day some sense of belonging and recognition, Deepika Padukone has initiated an open discussion on mental illness.

Deepika, on a number of occasions, has mentioned her struggle with depression. To create a feeling of comfortability and acceptability while talking about the issue, Deepika has also launched an awareness campaign with the name of ‘Dobara Poocho’. She highlighted that with the fast developing world we have become very competitive, which definitely is a good thing, but we have become very insensitive towards each other.

Her role in the cause is not only commendable and appreciable on an individual level, but the fact that she is a recognized public figure with immense following and influence, she is likely to change many minds and their perspectives about the issue.

What are your thoughts on depression and mental illness? Let us know in the comments below.

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