Why is a defamatory campaign against Najam Sethi being run under Zartaj Gul’s name?

Both stirred a controversy after Gul's fake account posted disrespectful comments against Sethi's family.

After a tweet from a fake account pretending to be Zartaj Gul went viral, it has posed some questions. Who is running the defamatory campaign against Najam Sethi’s family under Gul’s name? If it is Zartaj Gul herself, why is she using a poster account, ironically, of her own name?

Both stirred a controversy after Gul’s fake account posted disrespectful comments against Sethi’s family. His daughter Mira Sethi recently tied the knot. In one of the wedding photos, her brother Ali Sethi was seen kissing her cheek, when an account using Zartaj Gul Wazir’s named posted a comment declaring Ali Sethi as Mira’s friend, shaming Najam Sethi.

Following the tweet, a blatant campaign was launched, where a number of people spewed hate against Sethis.

Mistaking it for a real account, Najam Sethi himself responded, asking Minister for Climate Change to respond.

”Climate Minister Sahiba, aap ko thand tou nahi lag rahi? Yey Mira Sethi ka bhai Ali Sethi hai! Forun maafi maango…”, he tweeted. 

Responding to Sethi, Gul, from her real Twitter account, responded that Sethi is well-aware that it is a poster-account and has already blocked her from the profile.

Check the level of investigative journalist Najam Sethi. – responding to a FAKE account, and asking me to apologize! He knows I blocked him last year after he tweeted nonsense. The man knows my genuine account. APOLOGIZE for your wrong accusation, Mr. Najam,” Gul said. 

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  • Open the fake account on twitter, click the three buttons and choose report as “this profile is pretending to be someone”. I just did it.

  • This selected government & PM can’t face criticism & especially when truth regarding their misgovernance, incompetence & corruption is brought about in public. Since they are not elected they will always hide behind excuses & try to defame those courageous journalists who expose them.

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