Delhi Riots: 85-Year-Old Survivor Of Partition Burnt To Death In Her Home

Muslim residents were forced to evacuate their houses after an extremist mob attacked them chanting 'Jai Shri Ram'.

Delhi burns as the worst wave of religious and communal violence grips the city. The situation grew tense after a charged Hindu extremist mob started to target Muslim neighbourhoods and mosques, vandalizing the buildings and setting the possessions on fire.

85-year-old Akbari, who witnessed the horrors of partition with her own eyes, could not survive the Delhi riots. Her son, 48-year-old Mohammed Saeed Salmani, is the owner of a ready-made garments business. He was out buying milk when he came to know that his house in Delhi’s Gamri extension had been set on fire by a charged mob of around 100 people.

Salmani was informed by his younger son that their family are trying to save themselves and have sought refuge on the roof. He tried to approach his house but was told by people that it is unsafe to proceed.

“They told me it was too dangerous, I could be killed, and I should just wait because what’s happened has already happened. I was stuck for hours, thinking that my family was dead the whole time,” said Sulmani, while sharing his ordeal with an Indian news source.

While most of his family survived, his mother, Akbari, was burnt to death on the third storey of the house. The mob also torched their possessions, stole family jewellery which was present in the house and robbed INR800k from them.

“I have nothing left, I am zero,” Salmani said.

After Akbari’s post-mortem, she will be buried in her native village in Meerut district. Gamri extension, which is densely populated with Hindus, has about only 100 houses of Muslims. It became a battleground of clashes after violence broke out in the wake of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Despite the deteriorating situation, the area has received little to no media coverage. The Muslim residents of the area fear that they might not ever be able to live a normal life.

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  • The height of brutality which is happening in Delhi India is really protestable and shameful. the one which you shared is really sad.

    • Shame to Narender Modi’s mother Who gave birth to such a reknowned bastered. Congratulation to MODi, the illegitimate PM of India.

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