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Delhi Riots: Muslim Woman Gives Birth To A ‘Miracle Baby’ After Being Kicked In The Abdomen By The Extremist Mob

The rioters kicked and assaulted Parveen and her husband and set their home on fire.



Delhi- A 30-year-old woman named Shabana Parveen, has given birth to a ‘miracle baby’ after surviving a brutal attack by rioters.

The rioters kicked and assaulted Parveen and her husband and set their home on fire.

Parveen and her family were sleeping inside the house Monday night when a crowd barged into their home.

We would not survive

Parveen’s mother-in-law Nashima told a source, “They threw religious slurs, hit my son. A group of people even kicked my daughter-in-law in the stomach. When I went to protect her; they attacked me. We thought we would not survive that night. However, with God’s will, we somehow managed to escape from the rioters.”

Nashima further stated, “We rushed Parveen to an adjacent hospital, but doctors there asked us to go to another hospital where she delivered a baby boy on Wednesday.”


Even though the family have lost their home for over two decades, they are now delighted with the birth of their “miracle baby”.

Nashima said she had no idea where the family would go after Parveen was discharged from the hospital.

Six-year-old Ali, who held his one-day-old brother, touching his forehead, said, “I will take care of my little brother forever and save him from every ill.”

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