The world’s largest ‘democracy’ writes to Twitter to suspend pro-Kashmir accounts

The only sources of information reporting Indian forces' brutality in the valley are being choked as well.


  • India is now writing to Twitter to take down pro-Kashmir accounts. 
  • The world’s ‘oldest’ democracy lacks the tolerance to take conflicting opinions even on social media. 
  • While Pakistan has no one to push their narrative forward, Twitter has one of its headquarters in India. 
  • Twitter has taken down a number of pro-Kashmir accounts recently, including that of Hard Kaur.

Indian Ministry of Home Affairs wrote to the social media site Twitter to suspend eight profiles, operating from Kashmir, for spreading ‘false’ rumors. The accounts have been advocating Kashmir rights and condemning Indian forces’ atrocities in Kashmir.

The union home secretary asked twitter to close some Twitter accounts for ‘spreading rumors and misinformation to disturb the peace and calm in the valley’ – in other words, condemning Indian brutality against Kashmiris.

This list included several accounts, including the profile of Syed Ali Geelani, pro-Kashmir leader, and Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif.

The list is given below:

  1. @kashmir787 — Voice of Kashmir
  2. @Red4Kashmir — MadihaShakil Khan
  3. @arsched — Arshad Sharif
  4. @mscully94 — Mary Scully
  5. @sageelaniii — Syed Ali Geelani
  6. @sadaf2k19
  7. @RiazKha61370907
  8. RiazKha723

This step is being taken while there is near-total communication censorship or blackout in Kashmir. While the Kashmiris cannot tell their ordeal, now the Twitter accounts that are advocating human rights in the valley are being suspended as well.

Pakistani users point out Twitter’s hypocrisy:


Prominent anchor Imran Khan also had his account suspended due to his comments on the issue as it advocated the rights of Kashmiris.

Investigative journalist and political commentator Maleeha Hashmey called out hypocrisy, saying while the accounts that openly support jingoism and celebrate war are working actively, Twitter is suspending pro-Kashmir, particularly Pakistani accounts on India’s request. Her account was also temporarily suspended by Twitter for responding to an Indian officer

Prime Minister’s focal person on polio Babar bin Atta also called out Twitter’s bias. While Pakistani authorities repeatedly reached out to the Twitter for cooperation on fight against polio, their prompt action against pro-Kashmir accounts clearly reveals their hypocrisy and tilt towards India.

Tear gas, pellet guns, violence and abuse grips Kashmir:


The normal life of Kashmiris has been halted after the intense and high-security deployment, hindrances on travel and movement and cutting down on methods of communication, following India’s abolition of Kashmir’s special status under Article 370. A bill was also passed which proposed the bifurcation or division of the state of 5th August.

All kinds of communication, including the internet, telephones or mobile phones have been taken away. Although the MHA reports that the situation in the valley is normal, media has reported outbursts of many large protests in the area over the weekend.

Ajit Doval, National Security Advisor, on Monday, conducted a survey in Srinagar and South Kashmir to gain knowledge of the security affairs. The authorities said that police chief Dilbag Singh and Army commanders visited several parts of the Kashmir Valley and found the situation to be perfectly ‘fine’.

But contrary to the reports, the international media has reported mass protests, use of violence, tear gas and pellet guns against protestors along with horrifying incidents of sexual abuse in the valley.

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