India demolishes illegal luxury skyscrapers

The buildings were demolished in the upscale Maradu on Saturday and Sunday.

Southern Kerala Authorities demolished two luxury high-rise apartment buildings for violating environmental norms on Saturday.

The illegal apartments were built very close to a posh lakeside in the state’s Maradu district. Last year court-ordered, they’re razing for violating laws that prohibit construction within a certain distance from the sea, rivers, lakes, or other water bodies.

The apartments were a poor shadow of their previous luxurious appearance after Kerala authorities were takedown with a controlled implosion method. Reducing them to a bare skeletal frame. The buildings crashed down in seconds as a thick cloud of smoke spread to around 200 yards.

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Before the demolition of the buildings, almost 2,000 people were evacuated from the nearest residential areas as a part of safety measures. A large number of people recorded the event on their cellphone. Ambulance and Firefighters stood on standby during the raze.

Last year almost 300 people went into shock when the court ordered the demolishing of the buildings. The apartment owners resorted to protest and hunger strikes. The administration stopped the water and power supply, and the people have to vacate the building.

Before the raze, Residents gathered for one last time to see their homes and investments imploded in seconds.

According to Environmental experts, demolition of buildings has left a significant impact on Vembanadu Lake, which is an ecologically sensitive area.

The state government has ordered to pay “interim compensation” of about $35,000 (£27,000) to the residents of the building.

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