Satirical article about PM Khan and Manchester United taken literally by international media – AGAIN!

It was fun while it lasted!

Mirror Football, a UK-based media outlet, recently mistook a satire post. After reading that Imran Khan criticized Manchester United’s leadership, Mirror Football posted their own story:

Imran Khan took a dig at Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire, for his poor leadership and defending skills.

However, the UK-based media outlet completely missed out on the fact that the original story was by a satire media outlet known as The Dependent, which is famous for posting made-up stories.

In the made-up story, Imran Khan was quoted as saying:

An estimated 660 million Manchester United fans have Harry Maguire as their captain and leader. Can you imagine Maguire or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer saying, ‘sab se pehlay aap ne ghabraana nahi hai [first of all don’t you worry]’?.

Mirror Football overlooked the satire in the post and posted it as a legitimate story on its website. However, when they realized the misunderstanding, the media outlet took down the story and the post on Twitter.

Nevertheless, it was on the internet long enough to cause a meltdown on Twitter.

Some people sarcastically built more on The Dependent’s post:

While others educated Mirror Football about satire:

Shockingly, there were quite a few who took the story literally too:

After noticing the Twitter trend, The Dependent played one final shot and took a dig at Mirror Football, Imran Khan, and Harry Maguire, killing three birds with one stone.

It should be noted that the media outlet ‘The Dependent’ is in itself a parody of the famous media outlet ‘The Independent’. Hence, it is apparent that they only post sarcastic stories on real-life situations and issues.

This incident isn’t the first time a story by The Dependent was taken seriously, and if the parody media outlet keeps up its satire game, this probably won’t be the last.

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