Depression Is Real & We Need To Talk About It – Here Are Its Signs & How To Tackle It

We all have those days where we feel like our heart is heavy and we are drowning in sadness for no apparent reason. People who are concerned keep asking you why you are feeling that way and you have no answer. Depression is synonymous to that feeling, except that the person experiences it every single day.

Apart from the rising rate of depression, whats even more alarming is the denial of the society. What we need to consider is that it is an actual issue and people are getting affected by it.
Whenever someone complains about trivial matters or how it is containing them, we tell them that they are just being thankless and they ‘need to get over their thoughts’.

However,  a person suffering from depression and anxiety reaches a point where they have no control over their thoughts.
When we see a patient with a broken arm, we never ask them to just get over it. Similarly, mental illness is an unwell situation too where a person needs proper help rather than being told to hold themselves together.

The ignorance of society strongly resists the initiation of discussions, which is resulting in losing lives every day. The problem is when we hear the world mental health, we immediately start imaging mental assylums and loads of medicines. This stereotype creates a barrier between the person suffering and society, resulting in a complete detachment from social connections.

Now the question arises that how can you help someone suffering. We already talked about it a previous blog about how can you stop someone from suicide by noticing early symptoms (read it here), but the least we can do is create an atmosphere of acceptability and comfort for someone so that they can express what is going through their head. If you notice someones condition continuously deterioting, reach out to them and convince them for getting proper medical help. Few minutes of your time and availabiity to listen can help save a life!

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