Desi Twitter Has a New Meme and It’s Maria B!

We combined some of the best ones for you!

It seems like Pakistanis are not going to spare Maria B and her husband, Tahir Saeed, for the negligence they showed after their cook tested positive for Covid-19.

Following extreme bashing regarding the designer’s video after her husband’s arrest and later his bail, Twitteratis are still not done. Maria B is still a hot topic on the internet and calls for the boycott of her brand have become stronger.

Nowadays, it is literally impossible for something as hot as this controversy not to go under the hammer of memes on the internet. The Desi Twitter has come up with some hilarious memes to express its condemnation.

Here are some of them:

Well, that’s true

How many of you can relate?

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Wrong is wrong! Maria B and her husband sabotaged the law, Government’s orders and also played with the lives of many people via their servant. So called educated/literate and advanced people they are who did not turn their ears towards any instructions been given to the entire nation. If they were behaved like that then what would we expect from the poor and illiterates?

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