Despite all challenges, here is how Emmanuel Mansingh is capturing Sindh’s cultural diversity

His family often forced him to leave the photography as he is unable to earn well in the field and caters to the needs with only a mere sum of 15,000 rupees.

To be passionate about something is not at all wrong provided you are living with a strong socio-economic background but in case you’re not from a well-off family, it can cost you heavily and make suffer you and your loved ones. Similar is the case of Emmanuel Mansingh who is passionate about photography since his childhood but still doesn’t earn enough to promise a better life to his children and other family members.

His family often forced him to leave the photography because they consider the passion a wastage of time as he is unable to earn well in the field and caters to the needs with only a mere sum of 15,000 rupees that he gets in payment.

He started with a camera that was given to him by one of his uncles and used to capture the scenes from rural Sindh depicting the cultural traditions. With the advent of over-whelmed power of social media, Emmanuel too grabbed some fan following through his FaceBook and Instagram uploads. He is currently working as a photographer for a local newspaper on a mere income but still not ready to give up his passion for photography despite economic constraints.

He shows different aspects of culture and heritage through his pictures especially he clicks the unique culture of Sindh where generally communal diversity goes mainly underreported by mainstream media according to Emmanuel.

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Emmanuel wants to become a working part of the local culture or heritage department where he will be able to promote the people and claims to have no big dreams as for his future plans.

The National Geographic Magazines that belonged to the Christian missionaries captivated his attention towards the field of photography. Despite not being able to study beyond his matriculation Emmanuel can gently and fluently communicate in English and that is due to his communication with foreigners at church.

Here you go for some of the clicks uploaded by Emmanuel and his pictures depict a unique sense of emotion and life in them.



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