Deteriorating Health Sector: The Ordeal Of 9 Years Old Maryam

When PML-N formed government back in 2013, there were many tall claims made and promises assured. However, as they say, promises are made to be broken. Among the long list of unfulfilled targets that were initially set, it promised to the people to increase the public spending to four per cent and two per cent of the GDP for education and health respectively by the time they conclude their term i.e the year 2018. The targets were set to satisfy the United Nation standards

However, after 5 years, it doesn’t feel much different. The spending on both above-mentioned imperative sectors increased, but very marginally.  The insignificantly small numbers miss the mark, concerning the expected targets.

Source: Federal Budget, various issues

While one Maryam hijacked the television yesterday, on the lesser-fortunate part of the country lives this innocent 9-year-old Maryam, who stayed with her sick mother while she lied on the floor due to lack of beds in the hospital.

At such a tender age, Maryam has experienced her biological father leaving this world, her mother getting remarried and being physically abused by her second husband, developing serious health concerns and herself falling a victim to the country’s ailing health system.

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Maryam’s mother developed an undiagnosed lung disease that led to pleural effusion. While her situation started to further decline, someone suggested them to go to Mayo Hospital in Lahore.

Upon reaching the hospital, they were referred to the chest department. While having no clue how to proceed, the minor spent her first night with her mother in open-air on the bench, unattended.
It started raining the next morning when Maryam requested some people to help her take her mother to the ward. Upon reaching, they were told to come back the next day there is a shortage of beds. The poor girl along with her shackled-in-pain parent spend the night on the bench again – on a wet pillow, in a wet blanket.

The ordeal was shared in a detailed Facebook post. Here is what it said:

According to the new Economic Survey 2017-18, there is only one doctor to attend to 957 people, one dentist for 9730 people while coming to hospital beds, there is only one bed to accommodate 1580 people.

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