[Price, features, interior] DFSK Glory 580 Pro OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED in Pakistan!

According to sources, a similar will be the case with Glory 580 Pro; the vehicle will be sold as a CKD vehicle assembled locally.

DFSK and Regal Motors have officially launched the Glory 580 Pro in Pakistan.

Regal Motors broadcasted a live Facebook video stream on the 20th of December 2020 to officially launch the Glory 580 Pro SUV in Pakistan. Mikaal Zulfiqar and Naveen Waqar hosted the vehicle’s launch. 

The launch of the Glory 580 Pro was done on Facebook live.

At the beginning of the broadcast, the hosts introduced Regal Motors. Following the introduction, Prince DFSK spoke about the current automotive industry dynamics and said:

The Glory 580 Pro will cause a huge splash in the Pakistan market. 

After that, Product Head Glory 580 Pro Moazzam Abubakar and General Manager Sales and Marketing Aamir Usman also came to the stage to share some details about the vehicle. They explained:

The DFSK Glory 580 Pro is a Compact Crossover SUV that will go head to head with other contenders in the SUV segment, such as Proton X70, MG HS, Kia Sportage, and Hyundai Tucson. It is going to be the only crossover SUV in the segment to offer seating for seven passengers.

Glory 580 Pro is set to give tough competition to competitors in the segment.

It is pertinent to mention that DFSK launched the Glory 580 SUV in Pakistan in 2018 in partnership with Regal Motors. Within the first 2 years of its launch, the SUV was sold as a complete built-up unit (CBU) in Pakistan. However, a few months ago, the local assembling of the Glory 580 SUV began in Pakistan. 

According to sources, a similar will be the case with Glory 580 Pro; the vehicle will be sold as a CKD vehicle assembled locally.

Here is everything you need to know about the unique and glamorous Glory 580 Pro:


The automakers have refreshed the 2020 model of the DFSK Glory 580 Pro. The recent model of the vehicle looks relatively unique and futuristic. 

The front of the Glory 580 Pro.


  • A modern-looking pair of LED headlights with DRLs and sequential turn signals
  • A couple of foglights at the bottom
  • A radical yet tasteful new infinite starlight grille design
  • Powered mirrors with indicator lights integrated inside the mirrors

Side Profile: 

  • 18-inch alloy wheels with a sharp design
  • Chrome door handles
  • A couple of silver strips on either side of the roof that are supposed to be roof rails for the luggage rack
The rear and side profile of the Glory 580 Pro.


  • A newly designed pair of hammer patterned LED taillights with sequential turn signals
  • Sleek rear fog lights mounted on the rear bumper
  • A shark-fin antenna
  • A spoiler on the top of the tailgate
  • Dual exhaust cutouts in the rear bumper
  • Rear haunches for a sporty look.

Product Head Glory 580 Pro Moazzam Abubakar started that the vehicle will be available in 5 body colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Grey-Metallic
  • Blue

The interior of the Glory 580 Pro.


  • DFSK Glory 580 has a rather handsome interior, with a modern yet subtle design:
  • An elegant dashboard with a wooden trim piece running along the top length
  • Seek central air vents
  • A floating 9-inch touch-sensitive LED screen for the infotainment system that offers Smartphone connectivity
  • A sporty-looking steering wheel with perforated leather stitching, multimedia controls, cruise control settings, and a gauge cluster with a digital screen in the center that displays the vehicle’s vital information
  • A panoramic sunroof that allows light into the cabin to make it look even better and more spacious.
  • Fairly roomy and modern cabin
  • Three-row seating
  • Air Conditioning vents in the back 
  • Cup holders for passengers seated in the back
  • Enough luggage space to carry small or medium-sized objects. To add large items to the vehicle, the 3rd row has to be folded down to make enough room. If both rows are folded down, a completely flat surface is created, suitable for carrying even larger objects.
The performance of the Glory 580 Pro.


The vehicle will feature: 

  • A 1.5 Liter turbocharged 4 cylinder petrol engine that makes 150 horsepower at 2000 RPM and 220 Newton-Meters of torque at 4000 RPM, and sends all of that power to the front wheels via a 6-speed CVT automatic gearbox.
  • McPherson struts up front and a torsion bar coil spring suspension in the back
  • Disc brakes (upfront and outback), with ABS technology to allow for better stopping power

Convenience & Safety Features

The vehicle is equipped with numerous tech and safety features, including:


The GM Sales and Marketing Aamir Usman revealed:

The introductory price of the vehicle is Rs. 4,549,000. The booking for the car is set to start from the 21st of December 2020. The booking for the car can be made in 19 3S Prince DFSK dealerships across the country.

It should be noted that despite getting a price bump of Rs. 100,000, Glory 580 Pro is still the cheapest top-trim level compact crossover SUV in the segment. Another plus is that the vehicle is being offered with a 3 year/60,000-kilometer warranty, which is arguably favorable.

Considering all these points and the fact that the Glory 580 Pro is comfortable, safe, well-rounded, and a well-equipped family hauler, it is likely the vehicle will give its competitors a run for their money.

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  • This is a great looking vehicle,

    Chinese products of today or the same if not better than the Western products.

    Majority of the products in western retailers are Chinese made. I bought a flask from IKEA which is China made, and it will keep things burning hot for 12 hours that I have tested.

    It makes me think of the days when we used to spend thousands of rupees of Japanese flasks that would hardly hold things warm for a couple of hours.

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