DGISPR hits back at Sana Bucha for trying to troll Army on budget cut


Gen. Asif Ghafoor replies to TV anchor Sana Bucha for her criticism to have cut down in defense budget.

Sana Bucha is Pakistani journalist, war correspondent and producer of the first English language bulletin on Geo News. Sana, in her recent tweet, criticized DGISPR and asked him not to reduce the salaries of social media children(campaigners) in the name of austerity measure.


“The emotional attachment to the motherland is one thing, but don’t compromise on the salaries of social media campaigners that have been raised just a few months ago”, said Sana Bucha in her reply to the tweet of Asif Ghafoor.

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While DGISPR responded to her criticism saying, “I hope that all your dues have been cleared by ISPR. If any payment of the balance is pending on our side then you have the right to claim for it. Thanks for your services (that you did) whilst you have been associated with ISPR”.


Army has recently announced to reduce the defense expenditures for the betterment and development of tribal areas and Balochistan. This cut in defense expenses shall be in the form of “no increase in salary” for the coming fiscal year. Army Chief has clarified that the army’s decision not to increase the pay is applicable only for the officials and not for the soldiers. He further maintained that there will be no compromise on the payments of soldiers and their living standards.

Major General Asif Ghafoor also asserted that the decision to compromise on annual increment is not a favor to the nation as we are one through thick and thin. There shall be no impact on our (Army’s) response potential against any threat.  Prime Minister Imran Khan also lauded the austerity measure by Army Chief and his willingness to contribute to the development of Balochistan and tribal areas calling it an unprecedented voluntary initiative.

People took to the social media site and asked her to prove the allegations of having social media bloc by the army.




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