DGISPR Offers Job To Writer-Rickshaw Driver After The Story Goes Viral

Pakistan is overloaded with the treasure of talent and skill. The nation is a miracle itself and never fails to astonish others but kudos to our government who also never fails to disappoint with their inattentive behaviour towards the people of such calibre. Lack of capacity to accommodate them is the prime reason they go unnoticed. Among these unsung heroes is the not-so-ordinary rickshaw driver, Fayyaz Mahi. Fayyaz, with being a fighter winning a war every day to make his ends meet, is also a writer of 14 books, more than 100 screenplays, columns and short stories.

Speaking in program Nuqta e Nazar to host Ajmal Jamal, Fayyaz Mahi narrated his ordeals saying that he’s not even a Matriculation passed.

“I could not complete my matriculation just because of the reason that I had not 40 rupees for admission.” – He said.

He had to quit the studies to support his family but his burning passion for learning could never be put off. He used to work in the bazaar to transport the sacks of vegetables and fruits from one market to another. He collected enough money for him to go study books in some library and borrow them. Shockingly, he read all the books present at that time in the library which was almost more than four to five thousands in number.

He added that in 1990 his first short story got published in a digest and that was a turning point in his life. He recognized his strength and planned to write his own book and put all that he gathered through these years to use.

The process continued of his hard work and in 2005 his first novel “Ghunghroo aur Kashkol” was published. When asked about the genres he mentioned he has written mostly about “Ishq e haqeeqi”, love stories and thriller/current issues. The writer’s work is so fine that a monograph was written in his novels which were part of faculty “Urdu Iqbaliyat” in Mphil session 2014-16 Islamic University Bahawalpur.

The rickshaw driver also adds that he’s the old class fellow of Abid Sher Ali and they have been neighbours for 16 years. He complained that Abid has never bothered to talk to him or help him even when he asked for it.

After the story went viral, it came into DGISPR’s notice and he praised the talented writer. With that, he also offered him to contribute in Hilal, a famous publication having roots embedded in 1948.

Fayyaz said that it is a matter of pride for him. He thanked the news outlet and anchor Ajmal Shami for being his voice and giving him the recognition he long-waited to see.

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