“Dhoop ki Deewar is not really a cross-border love story, it’s so much more,” writer Umera Ahmed finally answers drama critics

Amongst the appreciation, some critics have also stepped forward to denounce the drama's cross-border romance.

Recently, the trailer for the latest drama Dhoop ki Deewar was released and it garnered major attention. Pakistanis can’t wait for the episodes to roll in. The serial is receiving major love and appreciation for its star cast featuring celebrity couple Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir and its storyline telling the tale of love, family, and loss.

Amongst the appreciation, some critics have also stepped forward to denounce the drama’s cross-border romance. Many people are perceiving Dhoop ki Deewar to showcase a love story across the border; however, it’s actually a story of friendship rooted in shared grief.

To put the criticism to bed, writer Umera Ahmed recently took to Facebook. The writer of Dhoop ki Deewar shared 10 clear facts about the storyline to clear the air on the misconceptions about the series.

In a series of pictures exhibiting Urdu text, writer Umera Ahmed addressed all objections about the drama serial. According to sources, the detailed Urdu note was penned by the writer herself to answer all the bashful comments against Dhoop ki Deewar once and for all.


Here are the pictures Umera Ahmed shared on her official Facebook:

The detailed Urdu note by the writer addressed the rumored Hindu-Muslim love story, cries of anti-patriotism, the objection of sidelining local channels and choosing an Indian platform for airing the drama, and many more allegations being tossed around on social media.

Umera Ahmed concluded the statement by saying:

Hope it clarifies a lot of things.

Details about Dhoop ki Deewar

The web series will premiere on the Indian streaming platform Zee5 on the 25th of June. While Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir are seen playing the central roles, other cast members include talented actors like Manzar Sehbai, Saveera Nadeem, Haseeb Hasan, and Sumiya Mumtaz.

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