Did Mahira Khan deactivate her account after getting backlash over her opinion on Khalil-Marvi episode?

Khan has always been vocal and is one of those few celebrities who never steps back from raising a voice against injustice.

Khalil Ur Rehaman

Famous actress Mahira Khan has received so much hate over sharing her opinion on the Khalil Ur Rehaman and Marvi Sarmad controversy, that it made her deactivate her account.

A few days ago, on a live TV show, writer Khalil Ur Rehman lost his cool for no apparent reason and started misbehaving with a Pakistani journalist, Marvi Sarmad.

Khan has always been vocal and is one of those few celebrities who never steps back from raising a voice against injustice.

“I am shocked at what I have just heard and seen. Sick to the core. The same man who abused a woman on television is revered and given project after project because of what? We are as much to blame if not more for perpetuating this thinking,” Khan tweeted.


However, after Khan expressed her views on the issue of women’s right and defended the Aurat March, she received massive backlash from twitter trolls.

Public Response

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  • Next phase girls will come say khalil has raped them…#metoo coming against khalil ur rahman

  • I feel pity on those who respects people like mahira khan who shows her body just to earn same like prostitutes. Respect for Khalil sb and his opinions.

  • Or ye article likhne wala/wali bhi usi mom batti mafia ka/ki numainda hai…. Khalil ur Rehman sb ne agr kch sakht bola hai is aurat ko to tum logon ki phatt k hath me aa gayi hai aur jab ye aurat apni zuban se gand bakwas nikalti hai us waqt tum logon ko so called ” FREEDEM OF VOICE ” yad aa jata hai kya is aurat ke pichle karnaame ni maloom tum logon ko… Shame on you all sick minded MOM BATTI MAFIA ….

  • What ever Khan sarmad r saying doing…. regardless.. we as a muslim Pakistani couldnt bear such disaster.. plz b a true muslim society …

  • Someone has to be completely & utterly brain dead to say khaleel Rahman lost cool for no apparent reason, K.R’s response was according to the provocative behaviour of a filthy thinking of a filthy person, anyone would have reacted in the same way if not little more aggressive, good on you Khalil Rahman & well responded. JazakAllah

  • If you talk about equality, then u can’t say that a woman is more respectful than a man

  • Muhtarma jab dukan khol k india ma kabotaro ko apni dukaan ka dana khila rhi thi to waha aurat ki izzat kaha thi …in jin jin aurato ki izzat ki tazleel hui ha wo india chali jain waha inki wo tunning karain gy to inko pata chaley ga pakistani mardo ka ….mard hota hi wo ha k jis ki awaz se oper aurat ki awaz na jaye …wrna azadi dey dy aurat mard ko wo ghr k kaam karey ga ye ghr ka kharcha chalaye ..wo bhi halal paiso se ..but impossible…..sarey khoty siky uth kharey huwey us mard e qalander k khilaaf….

  • Hum aap ko is oiye follow krte hain ke yeh ek neutral views wala pure Pakistani account lagta thaa, par Pak ko galiyan dene wali fahash guftago krne wali aur tweeter pr gaaliyan dene wali Marvi ko masoon sabit krne ki koshish ka kya matlab? You should apologize us

  • ضرورت ہی کیا تھی، اتنے حساس معاملے میں خود کو شامل کرنے کی۔ یہ فلمی لوگ دو ٹکے کے خود ہوں نہ ہو، انکی سوچ اور عقل دو ٹکے کی ضرور ہوتی ہے۔ عوام کے جذبات پہلے دیکھو پھر کوئی بات کرو۔

  • Ma heraan houn logon p Or ap mis so called The very neutral person by nature _ apko sirf ye dikhaii dy raha hy that he abuses her, apko ye nhe dikhaii dy raha k us Marvi sarmad jisy ma aurat kehna aurat ki tazleel smjhun ge us ny kia kaha or kia uska lehja or us k alfaz thy _! Are you people blind _??? Are you sick? Mis mahira just shame on you, phr tm log aurat ko us waqt b bardasht kia kro jb aik aurat tmhain gali dy _ kioun k aurat ko to haq hy na pora pora kuch b kahny ka kaisy b kahny ka.. Jb aurat aik mard ko uski maan k against khara kr detii hy ya aik mard ki man kisi aurat ko kuch keh dy to us waqt mard ka istimal kioun krti ho?? Usy uski man k against kioun khara kr deti ho? Us waqt b bardasht kia kro kioun k tmhain bora bhala kahny wali ya tmhary sath ziadti krny walu aik aurat he hoti hy na.. Or agr aurat kuch b keh skti hy then all those women should shoot before men who shout in front of a man against their women(mother).. Sick!!!!!! Stop saling yourself. If you can’t follow islam you have no right to destroy it! Or jitny huqooq aurat ko islam ny diy han utny dunia k kisi mazhab ny nhe diye _ ja k mutalia kr lo!

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