Digital Pakistani Internship (DPI) portal launched in Pakistan

The Digital Pakistani Internship (DPI) portal is a step in a positive direction to recognize talent and it will help in the expansion of Pakistan’s IT industry.

Digital Pakistani Internship

The Digital Pakistani Internship (DPI) portal is a step in the right direction to recognize talent and eliminate bottlenecks that potentially slow the expansion of Pakistan’s IT Information Technology industry. It was formally launched earlier this week.

While inaugurating the Digital Pakistani Internship portal, Federal Secretary Ministry of IT and Telecommunication Shoaib Ahmad Siddique, said:

“The present government is committed to the growth of the IT industry and of the youth of the country.”

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A government statement said it was a significant milestone towards acceleration and expansion of the IT Industry in Pakistan. The newly developed state-of-the-art portal would enhance collaboration and cooperation between the country’s IT industry, local universities, and therefore the relevant graduates.

The federal secretary Shoaib Siddiqui said, 

”Youth is a resourceful part of the country, they are the future of the country”.

It is vital to engage youth with healthy activities to enable them to come forward to play a role in nation-building. He said that Pakistan’s IT sector has a promising future.”

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