Dipika Kakar, Actress Who Converted To Islam, Shuts Everyone Up Criticizing Her – Read Here

A few days back we shared the fairy tale of Shoaib and Dipika, that was almost too beautiful to be true, but it is.
The couple whose story started on-screen conquered all odds to be with each other. The biggest challenge Dipika faced was leaving her own religion and convert to Islam, and she wasn’t hesitant in doing so.

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The wedding was as beautiful as their story, with traditional events being celebrated with the loved ones. But her conversion to Islam surely sparked a lot of controversies.
The couple was seen having the times of their lives after the wedding ceremony and it almost felt like they were avoiding the topic of Deepika’s conversion as well to avoid any unpleasant response. But recently Deepika addressed the topic in an interview and came up with a befitting response to the critics.

Deepika verified that she has converted to Islam and said there’s no denying in what’s the truth. But how she did it, where she converted and when she did it, ‘does not’ need to be talked about. She said that being a public figure, they find pleasure in sharing all aspects of their lives – whether happy or sad – but there is the line of personal space that she doesn’t like anyone to invade.

She added that she is proud of everything she has done for her happiness and owns it. Here is what she said in the interview:

“Joh sach hai woh hai. It’s true I have done it, but why and when I have done it, don’t think it needs to be talked about. I think it is a very personal matter and I don’t think I need to talk about it openly in front of the media. For the audience and media, we are actors have always shared everything. All our happy moments we have shared with you all, but this I think is a very personal space and I don’t give anyone the permission to enter the space. Definitely, it is true and I am not denying it. I am very happy and proud that I have done it for myself and my happiness. My family was with me in this decision and my intentions were not to hurt anyone. This is my decision.”

This for sure was enough to shut everyone up. Many congratulations to the couple and best wishes for the future!

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