[Watch] Americans react to Turkish TV series Diriliş Ertuğrul

Turkey currently stands second to the U.S. in TV series exports, with an audience from 146 countries worldwide with more than 150 TV series.

Every nation has several stories ; alluring, captivating narratives that are retold time and again. Over the past decade or so, in Turkey, Ottoman history – the opulence, conquests, and power – has been one of the most popular storylines across the media, especially on TV.

The Turkish drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul has not only been loved by Muslims but it has taken the entire world by storm. Originally released on Turkey’s state channel TRT World (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation) in 2014, the epic saga weaving through 5 seasons and almost 200 episodes were then released with English subtitles on Netflix.

The Pakistani version, dubbed in Urdu and televised in collaboration with PTV as Ertugrul Ghazi, finally made it to Pakistan this year and has possessed the psyche of the entire nation.

Turkish soap operas have been appealing to global audiences for some time, but seldom have any generated the levels of fandom that Diriliş Ertuğrul has. Even more significantly, it is the first to have seriously penetrated the United States of America.

Ever since the show has been available on Netflix, it has gone beyond its original purpose and won a worldwide fan base, including in America, particularly among American Muslims.

“The series has become our family time,” says Duaa Alaraui – an Iraqi American.

Turkey currently stands second to the U.S. in TV series exports, with an audience from 146 countries worldwide with more than 150 TV series. With such growing numbers, Turkey is expected to earn nearly $1 billion in TV series exports by 2023.

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  • Dirilis Ertugrul the Turkish (TRT) original past series show us that how our respected muslim jihadis sacrificed their lives for spread of Islam. Salute to (IYI) Turkish live long

  • Ertugrul is now a part of our life ..lots of love frm India….it convey a good message for islmaic world

  • It is a matchless drama. I never seen like this a drama which can evolute the Iman and the same time give dawa to every one. I salute our ancestor for their war and jihad against crusaders, Mongols and munafeqins every day. And hand over islam to us.may Allah almighty grants them highest positions in the Paradise. ameen

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